ocean county residential servicesWe offer the following services:

  • window washing
  • power washing/pressure washing
  • gutter cleaning
  • painting
  • annual maintenance
  • residential cleaning
    • exterior surfaces
    • yard
    • garage
    • basement
  • odd jobs


Learn more about our services below.

Expert Window Cleaning

Our company was founded on an expert window cleaning technique and that is done by hand, not squeegies. This being said, you can be sure that your windows will look clean and stay that way longer.

  • Why clean your windows?
    • Beyond the obvious reasons, the most important reason for glass maintenance is to avoid glass degradation. Glass will over time become permeated with a variety of contaminants:
      • Sea Spray
      • Hard Minerals (from sprinkler systems and building run-off)
      • Oxidization (from windows encased in metal frames and screens)
      • Acid Rain
      • Over spray (from paint, chalking, mortar and more)

Power Washing

We safely clean the many surfaces that exist at your residence, including: aluminum, vinyl, steel, painted and unpainted wood siding, brick, stone, decks, driveways, patios, garage floors, etc. We remove dirt, atmospheric pollution, mold, mildew, stains and more.

  • Why power wash your home?
    • The exterior surfaces of your home are constantly exposed to harmful elements, both man-made and natural. Ultraviolet light rays, wind, rain, dirt, and grime physically attack surfaces causing them to degrade, discolor, oxidize or chalk over time. Mold, mildew, birds, insects, spiders, tree sap and “shot-gun” spores can add to these effects. Then comes the assault caused by man-made elements such as industrial pollution and automotive exhaust, acid rain, chimney soot, and even smoke from your BBQ. These take their toll on your home over time. If not removed periodically they can destroy the beauty and reduce the value of your property dramatically.

Residential Cleaning Services

Exterior cleaning of all surfaces including brick, vinyl siding, wood siding, soffit, fascia and yard clean-up. Interior cleaning of basement & garage.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean out your gutters. Inspect all downspouts to make sure your gutter system is functioning properly and advise you if there is a problem that may need your immediate attention.

Monthly Maintenance

Our maintenance programs keep your home, rental property or vacation home clean at all times.